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Alex G.

Alex G.


My name is Alex G., and I have the greatest job in the world. I love coaching my clients and receiving coaching has fundamentally changed who I am. It has changed the way I am with my family, my wife, my friends, myself, and the strangers I meet on the street. Most recently, coaching has helped me to truly understand the kind of father I will be. It hasn't always been this way. My career in the trade show world left me with many sleepless nights. I have logged way too many hours working in the darkness before the dawn patrol. My job was just that, a job. I clocked-in, clocked-out and raced home to try and catch an evening surf. Then I discovered coaching. Working with my own personal coach, we shifted my approach to the corporate world. We shifted my mindset and put the work in. We created balance through what I call my non-negotiables. Family, coaching, surfing, and yoga. While doing so I've been able to thrive at work and people have taken notice. My income is a beautiful reflection of this. I coach because it feels so good to listen with compassion and empathy. I love being with my clients in their struggle and successes. I love hearing them as they have never been heard before. Then I provide as much value as possible in order to help them find and implement the solution they have been looking for all this time. I coach to guide others to step into their true power, to rise each morning, creating how they desire and engage in the world. Guiding others to find their way, finding balance, fulfillment, and joy again.


Executive and health & wellness coach


BS, Applied Arts and Sciences (Business, Marketing, Health), Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Lean Six Sigma Train the Trainer Workshops


San Diego, California