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Lyndie O’Toole

Lyndie O’Toole


Lyndie O’Toole is a leading media and marketing sales pro who loves working closely with clients to coach them one-on-one to career success. She has an amazing ability to serve as an accountability coach, and excels at helping job seekers develop search strategies, create lists of target industries and companies, and create a clear plan of attack to network directly to reach the hiring manager. She will coach you on your personal introduction, presentation, and interview skills, and keep you on track in your daily job search activities. She works as a coach and mentor with job seekers of all ages, and has vast experience working in the sales, marketing, IT, media, and advertising industries, both B2B and B2C. For two years, she spearheaded a job services training program in California exclusively addressing the unique needs of unemployed senior level executives going through challenging career transitions, and she brings those skills and insights to her coaching programs. And with 2 sons in college, she is an expert in helping to navigate early career challenges and roadblocks, and knows how to address the needs of both college students and new grads as well.



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Overland Park, Kansas